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In any given organization there are the end results that are aimed at or goals that are to be met. High quality objectives are the targets of the organization in statement form, in which effort is directed, within a given time frame and therefore the end product is of high quality in the organization. Engineering in Kenya has many articles related with Kenya Engineering

High quality objectives have various characteristics which includes the following;

High Quality Objectives in an Organization  To begin with, they are specific. This is one of the characteristic of high quality objectives. Managers should come up with very clear objectives that should be met within set time duration and the one with the responsibility of accomplishing. It makes sure that the members know and understand the objectives hence eliminating confusion.

The high quality objectives should be achievable. This characteristic implies that the objectives should be realistic. The organization should assess it self and know its strengths and weaknesses, in order not to set the goals either too high or too low to achieve.

High quality objectives are very challenging. As a result of the challenges meet while achieving the objective, an organization is stimulated to high standards of performance among the employees and progress is as well encouraged in the organization.

Flexibility is another characteristic featured in the objectives. These characteristic assists the organization to be able to adjust as required in order to attain the set objectives.

High quality objectives are measurable. This is useful in that, the organization can evaluate its ability to attain the objectives. In addition, these characteristic enables the organization not to set the objectives too high or too low but rather to settle on the realistic ones.

These objectives are integrative. These characteristic applies to both short and long run objectives. Both objectives should be supportive and consistent with one another. It also should integrate with the reward system of the business thus making the employees realize both the objective of the business and personal.

Consistency is another of the characteristics of high quality objectives. They should be consistent with the organizations values in order to avoid conflict and should as well be compatible with the departmental objectives in the organization.

High quality objectives have a characteristic of cost effectiveness. They should be economical in using the resources in order to blend in with the organizations budget.

High quality objectives must be reviewable. Time should be set aside to review the objectives. The management should acknowledge that planning is under a certain regulation and should be revised constantly.

High quality objectives should be time rated/time bond, that is, these objectives should be targeted to be met within a certain period of time. They also should be achieved within this time frame.

An organization that comes up with high quality objectives and implements the above characteristics so that the objectives should be specific, challenging, achievable, measurable, flexible, integrative, cost effective, consistent, reviewable and time bound they will be sure to meet the high quality objectives. And take the organization to another level of success.


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